SAREK Enterprises was founded in 2001 in response to a growing need in Perth for reliable, timely, efficient custom software solutions for companies who where constantly frustrated by the limitations “Off the shelf” programs.

Generic computer programs developed to sell around the world to multiple users in a myriad industries simply contain too many compromises to allow companies to operate either as efficiently as they desire or with the competitive edge that they need to ensure the continued growth of their organisation.

This is where SAREK Enterprises comes in.  We will assess the current operations of the business and determine the primary sources of inefficiency and frustration and provide guidance to management in determining the best course of action for improvements to operational effectiveness.

Since 2001 we have provided solutions to companies such as ABB, ReddiFund, Degremont, EDL, DORIC Constructions, AMPAC, Watersure, Saracen Gold, Kimberly Diamond corporation and others.  The solutions provided range from single use “utilities” through to multi-user company wide operational systems built to the specific needs of the company with personal consultation working to provide what you need when you need it.

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